Two Parrot Video Production Nonprofit Grants

Two Parrot Productions has been donating services to nonprofits, charities, causes, and foundations since its inception in 2001. Since then, Two Parrot Staff has donated over 3 million frequent flyer miles and $1 million worth of services to nonprofits, creating hundreds of films domestically and in remote third-world countries like Congo, Rwanda, Burma, Cuba, Jordan, Cameroon, Cambodia, Moldova, Romania, Indonesia, Ghana, Tanzania, Nepal, Ethiopia, Liberia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Guatemala.

It’s the Kizorek family tradition of philanthropy to donate our services in some circumstances, and in others, work for a fraction of our normal rates. We have clients that pay full prices for our video production services, and in turn, we’re able to take on passion projects that would never be produced without our subsidization.

We have built a tight-knit network of over 50 freelance creatives including Producers, Directors, Writers, Videographers, Photographers, Editors, Audio Composers, and Graphic Designers. Our team includes many humanitarians who want to donate their services to important social causes, so we vet the nonprofit project before committing anyone’s time.

After maxing out our pro bono resources, we have certain vendors who will work for a portion of their normal rate. In the past we’ve been able to co-fund productions for nonprofits who didn’t have the full budget we normally charge without any subsidization. Matching grants are provided year-round on a rolling basis, but our resources fluctuate throughout the year so we are picky about the projects we take on in this manner. There are no formal deadlines for our matching grants, as applications for matching grants are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Submit requests directly to jessica @ twoparrot . com.


Child Rescue Coalition (Florida)
United Nations Women (Brazil)
Girl Scouts (Tropical Florida)
YWCA (Greater Miami-Dade) (Chicago)
Bold Beauty Project (Miami)
Boys & Girls Club (Martin County, Florida)
Florida International University: The Education Effect (South Florida)
5ive-Planets (Japan)
Casa Valentina (Miami)
Easterseals (Metropolitan Chicago)
Irie Foundation (Miami)
Make A Wish, International (China, England, Germany)
Alliance for Climate Education (Chicago)
Miami Children’s Initiative (Miami)

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