Why Video Production Pricing Is Complicated

Video production pricing is complicated because there are many variables involved (outlined below) that a non-filmmaker might not initially be aware of. We’d be happy to put together a quote for you. You’ll either have to:

A. Call us and talk through it on the phone
B. Send us an email with a RFP/summary of this information

More often than not, we work from start to finish with our clients, taking a project from pre-production to shooting, on to post-production and then posting/streaming. Our services may be as simple as a one-day shoot, or taking footage that you already have and editing it down quickly to effectively tell your story.


1. Small project: $3,000-$7,500

2. Average project: $7,500-$15,000

3. Larger/multi-video projects: $15,000+


What is the overall purpose/goals/“call to action” for the video project?

Deadline for final product(s)?

Audience for video(s)?

What platforms will the videos be streamed/posted on?

Is this for pre-recorded videos or live-streamed videos?

Is it for a corporate client? Or a nonprofit client?

How many videos?

Length of each video?

Location(s) of shoot?

Travel expenses?

Day(s)/time(s) for shoot?

How many hours/days of shooting?

How many people on the crew?

Which crew members?

How many cameras?

Specific equipment? Recording preferences?

Camera(s)? Light(s)? Audio? Boom? Background?

How many actor(s)/interviewee(s)?

Who is conducting the interviews?

Do you need motion graphics?

Do you need animations?
Do you need lower thirds?

Do you need animated typography on the screen?

Logo Intro/Outro bumpers?

How many rounds of revisions do you expect?

Original or stock music?

Incorporates stock video/photos?

Archival (old) video/photos to incorporate?

make your video speak for itself

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Phone No. & EMAIL

(305) 912-3937
jessica @ twoparrot . com