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Why is nonprofit video production so important?

Nonprofit groups are dedicated to a cause in which they deeply believe. It may be a religious or social cause, or even a scientific or educational goal.  Whatever the cause may be, people need to be educated about the WHY that drives the nonprofit. This is where nonprofit video production really makes a difference. There is no other medium that can match the authenticity of video in exhibiting the issue your organization is trying to solve. We believe efforts to create better communities are more effective when equipped with digital video to tell the story and sell the idea to new partners. We team up with nonprofits, foundations, government, and socially conscious companies committed to expanding the reach of their programs across a wide range of online platforms. 

Video will propel your organization forward and provide an added level of sophistication to your brand. It opens up lines of communication with volunteers, donors, and the community you serve. Because people learn best using visuals, sound, and text, video productions educate more effectively and reach more people. A powerful video that pulls at the heartstrings will help people gain knowledge about the problems of your cause, which will make them feel inspired to participate and contribute. 

A professional video for your nonprofit is an essential and effective investment that can help your fundraising, sustainability, donations, and public outreach. Producing a good video takes business acumen and is an artform within itself. You need to work with artists who understand how to deliver on your business objectives. Two Parrot can both create your artwork and manage your expectations as a professional nonprofit video production company.

Why are we experts at producing fundraising videos?

Raising money is an artform, and Two Parrot has a niche specialty at the intersection of education and fundraising. Many of our videos are designed specifically for fundraising events (both in real life and online). So…it’s simply what we do! We have a huge portfolio and a long list of happy clients. The videos we make are NOT your typical commercials, but rather an emotional journey for your viewer. We understand the psychological methodology of the hero’s journey, and we know the right ways to encourage your viewer to get out their checkbooks. We are storytellers at heart and know how to captivate your audience while flawlessly executing your vision. 

“When we hired Two Parrot, the first thing I said was that nobody liked last year’s gala video. My goal was to blow last year’s video out of the park, and in doing so, set us up for a HUGE home run at our annual fundraising gala. And….you did it! Last year we raised $780,000, and this year – with YOUR VIDEO played right before the fundraising ask – we raised over $1.2 million! Thanks for making my team look badass in the process! Can’t wait to hire you on the next one…” 

Jasmine Etienne, Marketing Director, Boys and Girls Club of Martin County

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