International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. At work in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities to restore safety, dignity and hope, the IRC leads the way from harm to home.


The IRC needed to develop and standardize multimedia training tools to increase effectiveness of teachers in refugee camps world-wide. In crisis and post-crisis environments, caring for, protecting, and nurturing children is increasingly complex. The displacement, multiple losses, and violence that children often face in these contexts can negatively impact them socially and emotionally. Learning environments can be structured spaces where children and youth feel a sense of safety, security, and hope. For those whose lives have been disrupted by crises, coming back to school is often seen as an opportunity for bringing communities together and reestablishing positive relationships. School helps children and youth regain a sense of normalcy within a predictable and routine environment. Attending school at regular times on a regular basis can help children, youth and their communities think positively about their future. As important caregivers outside the home, teachers help children and youth recover and develop by creating classrooms that help students heal. Teachers can communicate life-saving messages and help students learn important academic and life skills. The IRC needed Two Parrot’s help in standardizing a “Healing Classrooms” multi-media teacher training to address the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of young people who have lost almost everything.

Package Audience: Master Trainers who give Healing Classroom (HC) workshop to teachers. The trainer will be using the facilitator notes and other materials on CD-ROM.
Video Target audience: teachers (primarily elementary school) participating in a training.

“SCHOOL” Full suite of multi-media directives for facilitating each session with objectives, needed materials, time frame, procedures, activities for teachers to grasp as well as how to apply Healthy Classrooms teaching skills using concrete examples and simple language.

  • Strategic development of training curriculum
  • Creative storytelling & script writing
  • Video shoots in Pakistan and Liberia refugee camps
  • Twenty-four edited training videos
  • Motion graphics
  • Interactive DVD design
  • Preparation for browser and mobile delivery
  • Management International project logistics
  • Translation & production in both English & French
  • Graphic design
  • Book design & layout
  • Two Printed Manuals (200 pages each)

Over the course of 6months, Jessica Kizorek managed a team that travelled to refugee camps both Pakistan and Liberia to capture best practices in the field. In teams of two, we spent four days in each country. The risk factor on this project was particularly high, and for much of the trip we were protected by armed security. It was therefore crucial that we bring as little equipment as possible, and we remain as low profile as possible through dangerous areas. Because of how vast and deep the content was, pre-production planning was the most crucial piece of this project. Scripts were written and approved before leaving the country so we could focus on capturing b-roll footage to match every piece of the instructional material, put together by a Phd. in educational design. We created vast shot lists, and in the end captured thousands of photographs and video clips to create a strong portfolio of multi-media teaching tools. Two Parrot Productions awarded IRC with two video production grants to fund portions of the project in Liberia and Pakistan.

“I just returned from a conference in Kenya with where I got to launch Healing Classrooms. People absolutely loved it—the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They found the videos clear, and said they were exactly what they needed to help teachers understand the techniques they communicate in trainings. We are so grateful for your help.”
Jamie Weiss, IRC Education Program Manager


  • Jessica Kizorek: Producer
  • Bill Kizorek: Producer
  • Carly Kizorek: Cinematographer
  • Kelly Venn: Vocal Talent
  • Jason Fiedler: Post-Production Supervisor
  • Seraph Design: Graphic Design + Print Production
  • Paul Frazier: PhD Educational Design + Copywriting
  • Sarah Smith (IRC): Director of the Child and Youth Protection and Development unit
  • Anita Anastacio (IRC): Senior Technical Advisor for Education
  • Carrie Welch (IRC): Senior Vice President of External Relations
  • Paul Frisoli (IRC): Paul is an IRC consultant
  • Julia Frazier (IRC): Education Teacher Assistant
  • Jennifer Sklar (IRC): Senior Communications
  • Jamie Weiss (IRC): Program Manager