USAID Case Study



USAID, United States Agency for International Development

Introducing USAID’s new mission called NPI, the New Partnership Incubator

4 animations +  2 video montage segments


USAID Acronym Soup: 

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USAID NPI 2020: 



USAID awarded several multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts to an organization out of Washington D.C. called the Kaizen Company. A portion of these contracts was allocated toward communications services. Two Parrot was chosen as the non-profit video production company on record to produce two videos and four animations. We were able to define an hourly rate that worked for the client, and bill to each project as the scope of work was defined by the client. Working for USAID required that we were registered with the federal government and had a CAGE code for our company.


Organizations looking to do business with USAID

Project Details:

VIDEO PRODUCTION: For the non-profit educational video production we were provided access to a folder that housed a significant amount of USAID’s captured footage from missions all around the world. We helped the client write a script which was then matched to existing footage from this database. We added music, effects, color correction, motion graphics, and typography; and overall made all the footage look like a cohesive unit rather than disparate parts.

ILLUSTRATION/ANIMATION: For the illustration and animation, we were originally provided with only a draft script. From there we had to visualize the words, meaning imagine what type of shapes and words should be on the screen throughout the entire seven minutes of the script. We helped the client find an animation sample that helped visualize what they were thinking. From there we created still illustrations, which upon approval were animated into moving images. All of the visual elements are original and unique. 


Jessica Kizorek, Producer & Writer

Yuriy Polyashko, Creative Director

Toma Rusk, Administrative

Amanda Guerra, Media Managment

Helen Nazarok, Artist Liason


Animator #1

Animator #2

““You managed to visualize these ideas I’ve had only in my head before now. These videos are a very authentic and emotionally compelling portrayal of what we stand for as a non-profit. I couldn’t be happier.””
Mara Kaiser Brunger, Director of Communications