Lotus House Homeless Shelter


Produce an organizational video of new Maimi shelter facility

Lotus House 2023: 



Lotus House is truly setting the standard on a national level for best practices and innovation. In comprehensive, multi-faceted programming and support services, together, we help women, youth and children emerge from the shadows, give voice to their dreams, and build the foundation for safer, healthier, brighter futures.

Lotus House applied for the Eyes On Your Mission Free Video Production Grant a couple of years before we chose them as our award recipient in 2022. One of the reasons that we chose them when we did, was because they had fulfilled a major capital campaign to move into a brand new building in Overtown, Miami. We wanted to help them illustrate their new location and services to continue their exploration and expansion using our expert tactics in video storytelling. They received a custom nonprofit video production from Two Parrot.

Funders, grant reviewers, politicians, media, gala attendees, and the general public.


All the footage was shot in one day at their Overtown, Miami location. There are 3 main characters, that told the story of Lotus House all of whom started as guests and then transitioned into staff at the facility. They were acutely aware of the challenges facing women and children experiencing homelessness. We shot the interviews in their multimedia lab on campus and shot B-Roll of the women and children all afternoon as they enjoyed features such as the new outdoor garden and play area.


Jessica Kizorek, Producer

Tabatha Mudra, Creative Director/Videographer

Lexi Abraham, Videographer

Amanda Guerra, Editor

Eros Yabut, Editor/Motion Graphics

Toma Rusk, Administrative

Victoria Varela, Community Outreach Director

“The entire team was kind, compassionate and dedicated to producing content that would make a lasting impact for our organization and those we support. The Eyes On Your Mission team was aware of our upcoming fundraiser and diligently worked to complete the video on time for the event where it was so well received. We are so grateful for the incredible video they created that supports us as we raise awareness and further advocate our innovative solutions, research and best practices through digital storytelling.” – Isabella Dell’Oca, Executive Director, Lotus House