Boys and Girls Club of Martin County

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.


Each year the Boys and Girls Club of Martin County has an annual gala where they like to show videos produced that year. At two separate points in time, the Two Parrot non-profit video production team was hired to produce a total of 6 videos for the project. In the most recent non-profit production, the client wanted to produce we suggested to the client that they produce three main videos, one regarding the past, one regarding the present, and one regarding the future. From there we suggested they also created a short 60 second excerpt of each of those videos. The shoot required three days of shooting at the Boys and Girls Club locations. In the most recent case, we had a crew of two non-profit videographers and 1 director/producer. They showed three videos at the gala, each to much fanfare.

There were two target audiences. One was internal and one was external. Internally, staff, and supporters, were able to see the hard work being produced in each of the Martin Counbty clubs. It was important that colleagues working together at BGCMC were able to learn from one anothers experience and feel a sense of togetherness by producing the videos and watching them together. Externally, BGCMC needed to talk to primarily to funders that support their mission. Given that their annual operating budget is millions of dollars, it naturally fits that they would be willing to spend money showing their proof of concept and featuring their staff members and how the money is realistically being used.


Produce 6 videos for the annual gala and social media

DELIVERABLES: 6 videos + photos


Jessica Kizorek, Producer

Tabatha Mudra, Creative Director/Videographer

Lexi Abraham, Videographer

Amanda Guerra, Editor

Eros Yabut, Editor/Motion Graphics

Toma Rusk, Administrative

Jennifer Durant, Research Development Director BGCMC

“Jessica and the crew had a wonderful rapport with our staff, members, volunteers and partners. They fit right in and were able to bring the best out in everyone. The filming process went extremely well. We are so thankful for the professionalism, dedication and talent of Two Parrot. Everything from start to finish exceeded our expectations.” – Jennifer Durant, Resource Development Director, Boys & Girls Club of Martin County