World Concern is a Christian global relief and development organization. With our supporters, our faith compels us to extend life-saving help and opportunity to people facing the most profound human challenges of extreme poverty. At World Concern, the solutions we offer, the work we do—with your help—creates lasting, sustainable change. Lasting change that provides lasting hope.

With your partnership, World Concern’s efforts reach deep into the most remote corners of the planet, where climate and geography, societal instability and scarce infrastructure create incredible challenges to the people living there.

We seek to fully immerse ourselves in the interests of the people we serve, enabling us to plan, scale and develop programs tailored to each particular community’s circumstance.

We know that offering people short-term handouts is necessary at times, but that it doesn’t solve the reoccurring problems associated with extreme poverty. We ask the people we help to serve with us—building the programs they need—enabling them to realize their God-given potential.

Our areas of expertise include disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance and health.

What they are saying about us:

“The videos look fabulous. You guys have done a fabulous job of capturing the essence of what we wanted to capture. It’s just moving, and actually motivating to me. It brought tears to my eyes when I watched it. Maybe it’s because of my memories of being there, but the videos made me want to give, which is the intent of these.”

– Director of Resource Development Lisa Evans

About World Concern: Bringing lasting change to those living in extreme poverty


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