DOCS Congo
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DOCS Congo

April 20, 2012

About Doctors on Call for Service:

Since 1994, Doctors on Call for Service Foundation, Inc. (DOCS), a Christian non-profit organization and 501 (c) (3), has been working to improve health care in developing countries in Africa, through educational strategies that provide a lasting investment in human resources.

Africa is a continent struggling against an increasing health care crisis, burdened by HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, famine, and war. Health care systems are crumbling, unable to meet the present needs. Most African physicians are working in over-burdened hospitals and clinics, most who haven”t had any additional medical training or education since graduating from medical school.

What they are saying about us:

Jessica – Wow! You do good work! Just think – what an immense impact you are having on the future of health care in Africa! DOCS now has a professional presentation that will help bring volunteer physicians to the organization. We are blessed to have friends like you. Thanks for walking me through the maze of reproduction and packaging.

Larry DixonChief Operating Officer


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