The invite…

Unzipped Sponsor Sheet Feb11-5pm

And now the poem…

Unzipped Eplained2small

The zipper intrigues her…

daring her to reach…


There is too much to discover…

too much mystery.

too much rawness.

too much vulnerability.


She seeks to see beneath

the cloth we all hide behind.

Filled she is with the urge

to gently tug.

to slide the zipper south.

to unbind east and west.


There’s something sexy about

letting her undress you …

not with her fingers but with

her words.

her ideas.

her gentle inquiry.


She illuminates her subject,

hand wrapped firm around the lens,



racking the focus.


She holds her camera like a paintbrush …

Broad strokes laid first:

backdrop, like canvas

thoughts, like sketch

voices, like paint.


Those who have been unzipped know

the curiosity

the intimacy

the vulnerability


voicing your vision

speaking your truth

revealing your fantasy reality.


From six feet away she reigns you in.

She asks questions …you answer.

She corrects … you behave.

She commands … you obey.


She unzips people


She unzips stories.


For exactly six years she has amplified the stories of

Badass Businesswomen …

traveling to the ends of the earth,







Femininity was the scent

she desired and pursued…

valiant and vigilant.

unbridled and unfiltered

gutsy and glorious.


Long live Badass Businesswomen … but …

… now meet her mistress.

This past year she’s chased a NEW story …

… a gender neutral story …

… a color neutral story …

… a class neutral story …


She peers through the kaleidoscope of her 60 countries

and pulls on the common thread …which is both

feminine and masculine.

light and dark.

good and bad.


She named her story TechVersify and she started digging.

The journalist in her


interviewed and


a story that none of us can escape from.


For a year she filmed one character after another,


their innermost thoughts

their secret ambitions

their daily struggle.


On February 18th

… an auspicious day…

… the 6-year anniversary of Badass Businesswomen …

she brings together both her hot chicks and tech geeks

to unite

to mingle

to merge.


Together we will give a standing ovation to

The three main stars of TechVersify:




The ones she unzipped.

The ones that let her in, deeply.

The ones that showed sides of themselves

they almost always keep hidden.


So join us for a night that promises to

tantalize your senses with a series of artistic experiences…

– Live DJ

– African drum performance

– Singing

– Hip hop dance

– First ever screening of the 30-minute TechVerify broadcast edit

– Social art installation

– Rapid-fire Badass award ceremony

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