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About The Sister Yengo”s Children:

Sister Yengo”s Children are the orphaned, the handicapped, and the homeless in the Republic of Congo. Due to the ravages of the five-year civil war and the AIDS epidemic, there are nearly 100,000 orphans in the Congo a country of only 3 this hyperlink.5 million people.

Sister Brigitte Yengo, along with several other sisters and volunteers, provides a safe and loving home to about 50 of these orphans, ranging in age from a few weeks to nine years old.

Polio is still a scourge in Africa. For many people afflicted with the aftermath of polio, a wheelchair provides not only mobility, but also a sense of freedom and a job because these wheelchair bikes in turn are made by handicapped people.

The Mission also contains a chiropractic medical clinic and rehabilitation and occupational programs for the blind and disabled.

As National Director of the Special Olympics program in the Congo, Sister Brigitte Yengo brings a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth to her special needs athletes.

Website: sisteryengoschildren.org