Two Parrot LOVES foundations. We recognize that non-profits would get nowhere if it weren’t for the support of their funders. As funders ourselves, the Kizorek family has donated over 3,000,000 frequent flier miles and $1,000,000 in video production and consulting services. We are always looking to collaborate with funders; pooling our mutual resources to help non-profits shine!

More than ever, non-profits need our help building their digital marketing capacity. The days of strictly funding programs is over. In order to be sustainable, non-profits MUST leverage the power of video on the internet to:

  •     Connect emotionally
  •     Communicate effectively
  •     Raise awareness
  •     Build trust
  •     Raise funds
  •     Train volunteers
  •     Increase the media coverage

You have the power and resources to dramatically improve the way your grantees connect with their audience….and become sustainable by doing so. We’ll work directly by your side to catapult your mission to a whole new level of storytelling…by adding emotionally compelling videos to the mix.

If you are a foundation who is clear one of your initiatives would benefit from a brand new mini-documentary, you should reach out to inquire about how we can pool resources.

Reach out to Team Two Parrot here:

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