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About Doctors on Call for Service:

Since 1994, Doctors on Call for Service Foundation, Inc. (DOCS), a Christian non-profit organization and 501 (c) (3), has been working to improve health care in developing countries in Africa, through educational strategies that provide a lasting investment in human resources.

Africa is a continent struggling against an increasing health care crisis, burdened by HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, famine, and war. Health care systems are crumbling, unable to meet the present needs. Most African physicians are working in over-burdened hospitals and clinics, most who haven”t had any additional medical training or education since graduating from medical school.

What they are saying about us:

“Jessica – Wow! You do good work! Just think – what an immense impact you are having on the future of health care in Africa! DOCS now has a professional presentation that will help bring volunteer physicians to the organization. We are blessed to have friends like you. Thanks for walking me through the maze of reproduction and packaging.”

– Chief Operating Officer Larry Dixon

Website: <a href="http://www.docs click here for info.org” target=”_blank”>docs.org