UNHCR: The United Nation’s Refugee Agency

UNHCR: The United Nation’s Refugee Agency (Canada)

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a lifeline for people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution—helping them survive, recover and build a better future.


“SHORT” (One single 2-minute video)

UNHCR Canada invests heavily into the recruitment of monthly donors. Monthly donors provide a consistent source of unrestricted revenue to the organization that allows better planning and budgeting for relief efforts. The medium in which many of these monthly donors are recruited is face-to-face (at the door, in the street or at malls) and despite the success of this channel for recruitment, it still sees a high-level of attrition. One of the ways to mitigate this attrition is through a series of welcome communications that have the objective of reinforcing our mission and reengaging the donor (reminding them of why they gave). UNHCR came to Two Parrot requesting a 2-minute overview video painting a vivid and impactful picture what they do worldwide. To lengthen the number of months each donor contributes, the communications team knew there was no better way than to create a powerful video that would immediately deepen the emotional relationship between the donor and the human beings they are helping to support.

Donors who have just signed up for monthly giving plan. Once they input credit card information, they get an auto-responder email series with this video contained.

In this particular case, Two Parrot did NO filming or photography. Instead, UNHCR sent approximately six minutes of video and one hundred photographs. The most important aspect of this production was the script, which was carefully crafted word-for-word in the form of a poem to give it a rhythmic and memorizing feel. We start with a lullaby, which quickly shatters revealing the devastating reality that many refugees around the world face. By incorporating photos that express dramatic emotional states (both hardship and joy), we take the viewer on an emotional journey and create a bond between the funder and the real faces they have just committed to helping. The goal is to transport the viewer into the field where they can FEEL what life is like when it shatters. Our VO talent, Meghan Walsh, is a recording artist with a gorgeous singing voice. The driving tone is soulful and straight to the heart, while the storyline leaves the viewer feeling proud of their participation.

“We’re very excited! We really liked what your team put together. It’s very obvious how much work was put into the video—we really appreciate you guys bringing your A-game.”|
Lilah Jaffee, UNHCR Fundraising Team

  • Jessica Kizorek, Producer
  • Eros Yabut, Post-Production Supervisor
  • Clara Serrano, Research
  • Lang Dobson, Graphic Design
  • Meghan Walsh, Vocal Artist
  • Erik Nuñez, Audio Engineer

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