National WIC Association (NWA)

The National WIC Association (NWA) is the nonprofit education arm and advocacy voice of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the over 7 million mothers and young children served by WIC and the 12,000 service provider Agencies who are the front lines of WIC’s public health nutrition services for the nation’s nutritionally at-risk mothers and young children.


NWA needed a trusted national video production partner who could dispatch individual production teams to nine communities across the United States where they funded local coalitions. The video production teams would need to capture stories and testimonialswhile simultaneously editing the clips. With so many moving parts, it was Two Parrot’s highly organized proposal, extensive client list and experience executing complex projects that gave NWA the confidence that top quality videos would be flawlessly produced and delivered on time.

From 2014 to 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided five national organizations (including NWA) a total of $30 million to work with local communities and build their capacity for implementing sustainable changes that support healthy communities and lifestyles. The overall goal of CDC’s funding was to implement, evaluate, and disseminate evidence- and practice-based community health activities that promote health equity.

As part of their evaluation plans, NWA was responsible for measuring the short term and intermediate-term outcomes for the communities they supported. Traveling with video cameras to the onsite locations provided community members, evaluators, NWA staff, and other project partners a visual experience and qualitativedocumentation to best understand the impact of each location’s activities over the course of that three-year period.

Funders, Partners, Industry Professionals

A total of 19 videos were produced, including:
(1) Primary overview video highlighting all (9) locations
(9) 3-minute videos shot on-location in:
Plattsburgh, New York
Bonner County, Idaho
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Durango, Colorado
Loudoun County, Virginia
New London County, CT
Marion, Virginia
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
Bernalillo, New Mexico
(9) 30-second trailers of each location

Over the course of 6 months, Two Parrot’s team travelled to each of the nine locations, with quality control monitored in Miami by Senior Producer Tabatha Mudra. In teams of two, we spent two days in each location. Because each video needed the same cameras, settings, and style, team cohesiveness was the most crucial piece of this project. Also challenging was the pre-production logistics in order to make sure we arranged the perfect people to tell their stories on camera. From headquarters, each agency had a consistent professional experience planning their shoot. Once recorded, each video went directly into post-production where a team of editors used the same editing files to quickly deliver initial drafts and handle the revision process. Two Parrot awarded NWA a partial video production grant to fund a portion of the project.

“Two Parrot’s ability to portray these WIC stories in a pithy, captivating, raw, and informative way was notable. These videos are a true testament of how community based interventions can influence a community, and we are thankful that you helped us perfectly capture this project.”
Natalie Mulloy, National WIC Association

Jessica Kizorek: Executive Producer
Tabatha Mudra: Senior Producer / Creative Director
Eros Yabut: Post-Production Supervisor
William Curry: Videographer
Jacqueline Romano: Videographer/Editor
Zusel Escriba: Videographer
Vivian Olodun: Communications
Rosalie Rowland: Logistics
Melanie Venegas: Pre-Production
Natalie Mulloy: NWA Project Director

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