AIMM Higher

AIMM Higher

We are an organization providing dance, drama, musical theater instruction, art education and mentorship for children in South Florida. AIMM Higher participants will enjoy acting, dancing, and cultural arts programs while improving reading, critical-thinking and positive communication skills.


Our desire is to increase available dance scholarships for a vibrant performing arts program aimed at kids 3-19. ​We plan to expand our capacity to serve more talented students in need by showing other funders how rewarding it is to give scholarships. It’s one thing to list off all the benefits of the program in writing (i.e. building literary skills, self-esteem and confidence while growing in the discipline of the dramatic arts), but another thing completely to show the smiles of the kids who are in our programs even though their parents can’t afford the tuition. These videos will help us recruit new supporters and funding resources because of how intimate and authentic they are.

Parents, Students, School leadership, Private Donors, Foundations, Corporate CSR Departments, Community Partners, Dance Industry Colleagues, Dance Competitions

“SERIES” Three part series for distinct target audiences (3 minute, 4 minute, 70 second)


  • Creative direction & pre-production planning
  • Reverse engineer interview questions, script, storyboard, logistics
  • 3 days filming in Washington, D.C.
  • Still photographs to coincide with all video
  • All raw video footage (to be repurposed in the future)
  • Creation of online media library for easy access on the web by any team member

Purpose of video #1
Energize people and make them feel good about being “part of the family.”
Here’s the 3min super fun w/ outtakes

Purpose of video #2
Show people the emotional rewards of contributing to the AIMM Youth.
Here’s the 4min interview narrative (get ready…it’s a tear jerker)

Purpose of video #3
Speak the vision. Stand for what we believe in.
Invite you to come along on the journey.

“Jessica made the process simple and fun for my whole group of staff and supporters. We trusted her team completely, and were delighted by what we got when we gave them full creative control.”
Daryl Edwards, Executive Director”

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