Bill Kizorek
Bill Kizorek Co-Founder
He has appeared on, or helped produce, segments for Oprah, 20/20, Dateline, BBC, AM Singapore and the four major U.S. television networks. He is the author of eleven books on video, risk management, and international travel. He was featured in the New York Times for his extensive travels and philanthropic film productions, and is the proud father of Two Parrot Co-Founder Jessica Kizorek.
Jessica Kizorek
Jessica Kizorek Co-Founder
Jessica Kizorek is the Co-Founder of Two Parrot, and the Founder of Having lectured at institutions ranging from Princeton to The Miami Ad School, Jessica is, first and foremost, a teacher. She delights in speaking to large entrepreneurial audiences – especially women – about personal branding, online video marketing, and virtual storytelling. 
Hopi Noel Morton
Hopi Noel Morton Senior Producer
With over 20 years of experience in film, television production, and serving diverse community-based organizations, Hopi is a proven leader with strategic vision. Two Parrot clients benefit from her creative development, writing, production management services and coast-to-coast resources.
Ellen Bristol
Ellen Bristol SMART Fundraising
Ellen Bristol, an expert in sustainable fund development and performance management for nonprofits and NGO’s, brings strategic management, planning, research and fundraising management skills to the Two Parrot team. She is the developer of a formal methodology for maintaining high-productivity fundraising shops combining human processes and information technology. Ellen has written three books on fundraising management, one on sales-force productivity and another on strategic planning for nonprofits.
Mike Firmature
Mike Firmature Chief Information Officer
Mike Firmature is Chief Information Officer, Producer:   He is the mastermind behind not only some of the custom-made video equipment at Two Parrot, but also a world-class photographer.  His work is featured on this website and is an intricate part of the international assignments—from Tokyo to Kathmandu
John Paul Powers
John Paul Powers Senior Producer
John Paul Powers has been directing video productions for over 25 years, and in over 60 countries. He also has been the CEO and COO of several major international companies and is heralded for his creative thinking and round-the-clock energy.
Eros Yabut
Eros Yabut Post-Production Supervisor
As Post-Production Supervisor, Eros’ attention to detail is second-to-none. Usually in charge of project completion, Eros ensures that every single clip is in its right place according to our client's original vision. He’s masterful in the art of color correction, music editing, audio leveling, and flawless transitions.
Carly Kizorek
Carly Kizorek Author and Producer
Carly Kizorek is a math teacher by education, has directed Two Parrot films in Ethiopia, Liberia, Thailand, and Tanzania. She is the author of the video enhanced iBook, “The Perils and Rewards of International Filmmaking.”
Lang Dobson
Lang Dobson Social Media Manager / Visual Artist
Lang Dobson is a subject matter expert on the social media team. He is primarily responsible for planning and executing effective social media strategies for clients and being “in the know” on all new technologies, trends, and applications related to social media. Lang is also heavily involved in the reporting and analytics in the socialsphere and is responsible for tracking brands’ social media efforts including overall buzz, sentiment, share of voice and conversions based on social campaigns. Prior to his role at Two Parrot Production, Lang is a freelance visual artist contractor and former NFTE Student who was the star of Two Parrot's "Make Your Own Job" campaign for NFTE.
Jason Fiedler
Jason Fiedler Producer
Lead Apple genius and award-winning (New York Film Festival) editor Jason brings to Two Parrot a sophisticated and dazzling skill set.
Suman Subedi
Suman Subedi Country Director, Nepal
Suman works out of Nepal, a place on earth Team Two Parrot loves tremendously. There he works to manage projects, conduct research gather content for social media, and facilitate training programs to Nepali businesswomen in. Suman has been part of our intricate digital support team since meeting Jessica Kizorek and Mike Firmature in the mountains of Pokhara.
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