Matching Grants

Each year Two Parrot hand-picks approximately 5 non-profit organizations as recipients for our video production matching grant.

While Two Parrot makes a significant donation of time and resources, our grantees “match” the donation by paying for the post-production process.  It has been our experience that this arrangement ensures the most effective and professional use of the product being donated.

To learn more, please request the Two Parrot Grant Package, which includes:

  • Brochure outlining Two Parrot’s non-profit partnerships
  • Testimonials from past recipients
  • Grant application
  • Sample Contract

There are no formal deadlines. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Though we accept applications for all humanitarian causes, for 2015 we are particularly interested in exploring the following topics:

  • Women in Business
  • Kids and Technology
  • Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Advocacy

Any questions can be answered by calling Jessica Kizorek, co-founder, at 630-835-4811 or by filling out the contact form. This page is for our Matching Grants program and is a separate application from the Charity Navigator Grant process, but applying for the Charity Navigator grant does not preclude a non-profit form also applying for a Matching Grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Two Parrot donate?
A. Two Parrot donates all the video production, pre-production, and photography at a single location anywhere in the world. This includes consulting, planning, international airfare for the production team, camera equipment, visas, vaccinations, onside labor, and production experience. In addition to donating all the video production, Two Parrot also shoots still photographs on location.

Q. How do we apply?
A. Fill out the application form below. Any questions should be answered through our contact form.

Q. What is required from the non-profit?
The recipient provides the travel agenda, general storyboard outline, interview questions, list of interview subjects, and any other multi-media you want included. You advise us on how you plan on using the final documentary film (fund raising, Internet). You also must provide food, lodging and transportation for our crew while in the country of the taping. Anticipate that there will be two hotel rooms for up to five nights. The non-profit must also commit to absorbing the costs of the post-production.

Q. What is required as far as the non-profit costs for post-production, and what does this include?
A. The non-profit is responsible for the costs related to the editing of the footage. This includes choosing music & photographs, but mostly the time and effort by Two Parrot staff, working hand-in-hand with the representative of the non-profit as the hours of tapes are edited down to the final presentation. The costs related to post-production typically start at $15,000 and vary based on location and project scope. A deposit of 40% is made upon execution of the contract, and 60% balance is due upon completion of the project, approximately 90 days later.

Q. What’s the final product?
A. It’s a micro-documentary (6-10 minutes long). Depending on your needs, we deliver the final clips in a variety of formats. We also edit a shorter trailer (90-120 seconds) for use on your website or with media.

Q. Can we use the footage you shoot in the future?
A. Although Two Parrot retains the rights to the video footage, you have full license use it for future projects. On future editing projects that draw from the footage we captured, we request that you give us the first opportunity to bid on the project.

Q. What person on our end will work with you?
A. In the past we have worked closely with the communications director or executive director.

Q. How long does it take to produce the film?
A. Generally we like to plan at least two months ahead to secure frequent flyer tickets for our staff. That period is used to create the script and line up the chief actors at the destination country. Once we complete filming (which generally takes 3-4 days on location) we aim to have the video completed within eight weeks. The involvement of the non-profit in the post-production process is paramount to approve the three editing stages. This is all done over the Internet.

Q. What about the perils of filming in third-world countries?
A. We are used to it. Bill Kizorek, CEO of Two Parrot, authored ten books on the subjects of videotaping and risk management. Our staff is aware of the pitfalls and are able to instruct the staff of the non-profit on how to avoid problems.  Bill and Carly Kizorek just wrote the book “The Perils and Rewards of International Filmmaking.”

Q. What if we are not ready for the grant but don’t want to lose out on being considered for the future?
A. When you sign up for our “Free Tool” on the right, we’ll send out brief updates on issues relating to for non-profits as well as showing where our crews will be operating in the world throughout the year. If we are filming in Uganda and you have something that needs to be done in Tanzania, we might be able to help you out. To sign up for those updates enter your email address to the right.

Apply Here for MATCHING Grant

Two Parrot Productions is currently accepting applications for the matching grant program. To proceed there are a few things we need to know. Feel free to keep it brief and informal.
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