Eyes On Your Mission Grant

Are you a forward-thinking philanthropic organization that wants more eyes on your mission in this age of digital media? Do you want more donors? More partners? More sponsors? More board members? More volunteers? More celebrities?

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2017 Eyes On Your Mission Winners 

MidEastern Dance Exchange

Education Effect (FIU Foundation)

5ive Planets

2016 Eyes On Your Mission Winners 

United Nations Women

Easterseals Metropolitan Chicago

Irie Foundation

2015 Eyes On Your Mission Winners

Make A Wish, International

Alliance for Climate Education

Miami Children’s Initiative


Two Parrot is a company that works closely with nonprofits, foundations and socially conscious corporations. We use this as an opportunity to donate free video production services to philanthropic missions whose footprint would expand drastically if they could get more eyes on their mission.

Over the past eleven years Two Parrot Staff has donated over 3,000,000 frequent flyer miles (and $1,000,000 worth of services) to nonprofits by creating over 40 films from the Congo to Cambodia. Our films are commissioned by the largest nonprofit and foundation brands in the world. However, not all non-profits have budget to create well made videos. As part of our own corporate social responsibility program, we partner with like-minded funders to award (at least) THREE 100% pro bono grants.

Two Parrot Productions, Charity Navigator, Bristol Strategy Group, Center for Social Change and several partnering agencies will be awarding THREE 100% pro bono video production grants again in 2018. These grants will be awarded to THREE different philanthropic organizations that exhibit innovation, creativity, and future-thinking. The grant is international, multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic in its considerations for grantees.



Full domestic/international video production package INCLUDING post-production to produce a 3-minute video at ANY location around the world.

Deliverables: Raw photos, video footage and two fully polished 3-minute videos.

As a part of our own corporate culture of philanthropy we are donating a full “A-to-Z” video production suite for a non-profit that we believe can not only benefit from video services, but can change the world with its unique message. The grant will cover our production costs of one short video—anywhere domestically or globally. All expenses, including post-production, will be covered by Two Parrot Productions (the value of this grant is $15,000 – $50,000). In all three cases, there is ZERO cost to the winners of the grant.

*We’re finding that non-profits want a variety of a video clips these days…some want to start dominating the Vine video platform with 7-second short videos. Others want 15-minute segments to train volunteers. Others need a short snappy 2-minute gala video. Others need a 30-second PSA for broadcast television. Others want a media reel for more TV coverage. With all the video we will shoot and deliver in its raw form, you can use the footage in a variety of capacities for years to come. Social media platforms require a consistent stream of content, and it’s valuable to have a library of video interviews and broll you can edit and re-edit. Student interns are a great resource for these types of projects, as video editing is getting much easier if you have great footage to edit. 



  • The non-profit must be a registered 501c3 organization or charitable foundation
  • Must maintain an active social media presence
  • Demonstrate creative problem-solving for a modern social issue
  • Demonstrate an eagerness to evolve and grow while exhibiting adventurous and future-thinking attitudes


  • A highly sophisticated approach to video pre-production
  • Two Parrot and the GRANTEE will develop the storyboard, shot-list, and reverse-engineered interview questions
  • Video production (HD videotaping and photography at a single location anywhere in the world). 
  • Pre-production, consulting, planning
  • Post-production, editing (1st Place only)
  • International airfare, visas, and vaccinations for crew
  • Hotel/Accommodations for crew
  • All video strategy sessions
  • Full virtual workspace (DropBox, Evernote, TeamViewer)
  • Final deliverables: two 3-minute videos (1st Place only)


  • Local liaison
  • Local transportation
  • Local translation or interpreter services
  • Location scouting
  • A minimum of 50 staff-hours from a designated point person at Grantee to shepherd the project from beginning to end
  • Any travel costs (air, hotel) related to staff of Grantee


  • Charities that have demonstrated a strong commitment to ethical, best practices
  • Charities that are fiscally healthy
  • Charities that show evidence of measuring and reporting on their results

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