Eyes On Your Mission Academy

The Eyes On Your Mission Academy is a month long training intensive that produces social engagement videos and user friendly digital content for non-profits. The EOYM Academy is Two Parrot’s first venture into creating a filmmaking lab with paid apprenticeships and opportunities for young filmmakers and industry experts to use their skills for good.

Celebrity judging, cash prizes, and guerrilla marketing campaigns will draw the attention of both social and traditional media, creating buzz around these videos that will elevate Miami’s growing creative workforce.

BETA PROGRAM w/ Florida International University and Miami Northwestern High School: From June 1st to July 1st, five Miami non-profits were matched with aspiring local digital media teams.EOYM Schedule 5:9 Upate.001

PARTNERS:  We have partnered with Florida International University, School of Journalism & Mass Communication and Miami Northwestern Senior High to provide young filmmakers the opportunity to work with industry experts and local organizations that need their skills and vision.

NON-PROFIT TUITION: Each of the 5 participating non-profits paid $5,000 to participate in the course. This fee went directly to fund the paid internships and professional infrastructure needed to closely supervise students working on each project. All 5 non-profits are guaranteed a multimedia social fundraising campaign worth $15,000+.

DELIVERABLES TO NON-PROFIT: Communications campaign development, pre-production planning, 3-minute video, 15-second version(s), 7-second version(s), hours of raw video footage, photography, transcriptions of all video interviews (for use as case studies, testimonials, endorsements), and strategic fundraising training.

WAITLIST: Pending interview and approval by Two Parrot staff, this opportunity is first come, first serve. Once filled, we will open a waitlist for a potential Fall 2016 Eyes On Your Mission Academy.

LOCATION OF COURSEWORK:  Miami training sites include FIU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication (Biscayne Campus), Miami Northwestern Senior High School, Two Parrot Production’s Little River studio and on-site locations.

REQUIREMENTS:  In order to apply for the 2016 Academy, a non-profit must have *already* applied for the 2016 Eyes On Your Mission grant. Interest in applying for the training academy does NOT impact ability to win the pro bono grant. If an academy participant ends up winning one of the three main EOYM grants, their full deposit will be refunded. The Miami Eyes On Your Mission grant winner will be encouraged to participate (free of charge) while Two Parrot staff completes their video for students to watch.

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EOYM Academy Application

First come, first serve. 5 spots available.


Throughout all our research (writing, speaking, and production) we’re clear that non-profit organizations are most passionate about delivering programs that make the world a better place. What they almost always lack is the video, photos, and interactive social experiences that illustrate their successes in vivid detail for funders.

Most non-profits struggle to get their message out there on the internet for the whole world to see, and therefore don’t cultivate a strong emotional bond between the beneficiaries they are helping and the funder of the program. When funders are clear about the impact of their money, statistics show they will often donate more money, more often, and recruit their friends to do the same. That’s where Two Parrot Productions wants to make a difference.

Once complete with the initial beta phase, Team Two Parrot will build out our existing proven video fundraising process into a points-oriented augmented reality game that can be “played” and “won” via browser, mobile, and new virtual reality headsets. This project aims to pioneer the new training program here in Miami, then scale it outside our city walls immediately after.

We will simultaneously deliver coursework live in Miami while also broadcasting important content live for non-profit/filmmaker teams globally on web. After the completion of the curriculum, we will package and publish the learning materials (videos, photos, guidelines + digital user interface) in a way that can be consumed in scale by non-profits, fundraisers, and socially conscious filmmakers. In doing so, we are able to create new tools for global transformation. Leadership from the academy can also institute the practices for other public/private teaching institutions in different regions.

Two Parrot Productions was founded to increase the non-profit sector’s sustainability and scalability through better video fundraising. Our team of 40-50 freelancers (i.e. writers, producers, videographers, photographers, editors, ecommerce, programmers) have produced hundreds of video clips for non-profits around the world.

This past fall, we teamed up with Charity Navigator and Bristol Strategy Group to send RFPs to learn which non-profits were actively seeking professional videography/photography and why they thought it would make a dramatic impact in the way they showcase their results for fundraising purposes. We originally planned to award three grants for 100% pro bono video/photo service to three separate non-profits (one in Miami, one in Chicago, and one anywhere in the world). However, after picking our favorite sixty applications, it saddens us that ultimately only 3/60 will come to fruition through our current grant cycle. As a result, we’ve been seeking a scalable solution (and partnerships) to bring more worthy projects like these to life.

Aside from the expertise lent by our seasoned video production team, fundraising professionals will weigh in on industry case studies and the exact steps that lead to those successes. Technologists will bring in new hardware to give an advanced preview (i.e. 3D camera rigs, virtual reality headsets and wearable devices) while also educating about new coding roles that will influence future fundraising campaigns. Medical professionals like psychiatrist Eva Ritvo MD will discuss how these technologies are changing neural pathways and forever impacting fundraising as we’ve come to know it.

FOUNDATIONS: Teach grantees to effectively report on results (of your funding), increase capacity of grantees to raise (other) funds, be part of scalable solution.

CORPORATIONS: Support favorite cause(s), showcase new product(s)/service(s), gather consumer insights, media mentions, logo on project website & materials, email marketing, social media promotion, multi-media content for corporate social responsibility marketing campaigns.

GOAL #1 = Jumpstart a collaboration amongst forward-thinking changemakers in South Florida >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = # of participating non-profits + funders + partners + sponsors + filmmakers + civic leaders.

GOAL #2 = Recruit and train local filmmakers to improve Miami’s artistic/entrepreneurial talent pool >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = $ of prizes given // # of jobs created // # of film festival awards won // qualitative before/after questionnaires.

GOAL #3 = Turn video fundraising process into a points-oriented augmented reality game >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = Front-end digital interface + back-end data collection + training materials for ultimate usability.

GOAL #4 = Promote the social responsibility and ingenuity of sponsors and funders >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = Local/national/international media mentions, increases in social media followers/mentions/comments/retweets/views/etc.

GOAL #5 = Record material as multi-media training guide for digital fundraisers worldwide >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = # of educational video clips repurposed for distribution, distribution channels, promotional partners.

GOAL #6 = Collect, analyze and publish data in partnership with Charity Navigator and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (with whom we’ve worked before) >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = Published best practice multi-media guides.

GOAL #7 = Raise money >>> MEASURABLE OUTCOMES = $$ Raised.

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